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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 8, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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gosh, it sounds good. is it just me? mcdonald's slogan that i remember is "i am lovin' it." or "have you had your break today." or, "do you believe in magic." >>shepard: i believe in oreo mcflurry. >>megyn: it all sounds good. i'm out of here! >>shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b" with mitt romney today blasting the president on foreign policy. he accused him of making the middle east less safe and failing to stand with rebel fighters in syria. the campaign is firing back, with the details ahead.eports se transportation security administration is failing to follow basic security procedures at one of the busiest airports. one dead. three arrested. there were dozens in two wedding
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parties. they brawl with each other and the police. wedded bliss. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, stepping up his criticism of the president's leadership on foreign policy. there is a foreign policy debate at some point. in the speeches at the virginia military institute he accused the president of being passive and called for a change of course in the middle east. >> with iran closer than ever to nuclear weapons capability and the conflict in syria threat being to destabilize the region and violent extremists on the march and an american ambassador and three others dead at hands of al qaeda affiliates it is clear that risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. >>shepard: aides defended the
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president's foreign policy record saying he ended the war in iraq, strengthened international alliances, and restored u.s. standing in the world and brought osama bin laden to justice. our coverage this afternoon, first, to ed henry on the campaign trail. governor romney says the campaign need as change in philosophy? >>reporter: he says hope is not a strategy working to a more free and safer middle east. he knows president obama will take credit for ending the war in iraq and taking out osama bin laden. that is why he went after the concept of leading from behind. >> i believe if america doesn't lead, others will. others who don't share our interest and our values. the world will grow darker for our friends and for us. america's security and the cause of freedom cannot afford four more years like the last four
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years. >> governor romney is a former governor. part of the test for romney in the campaign is convincing voters he is ready to be commander in chief. >>shepard: the republican nominee also emphasized the terror aspect of the attack on our consulate. >>reporter: he suggested the obama team handled the overall attack and slow to call the attack "terrorism," but says the violence cannot be blamed on a video insulting islam although that is what americans were told. >> the administration has finally conceded the attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists who use violence for impose the dark ideology and others especially on women and girls. >> romney will get to contrast his foreign policy vision with president obama in the final debate in two weeks that will hit on these topics and more. >>shepard: thank you, mike, from washington, dc. the white house blasted governor romney's foreign policy speech before the g.o.p. presidential
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nominee took to the podium. in a statement, a spokesman for the president said and i quote, "we're not going to be lectured by someone who has been an unmitigated disaster on foreign policy every time he dipped his toe in the foreign policy waters." the statement conditions that the only person who offended europe more is probably chevy chase, part of his summer foreign tour which he criticized london's preparations for the olympic games. the president's campaign released an ad calling governor romney reckless on the international affairs. now, ed henry is in california for us this afternoon. ed, what is the story there? >>reporter: well, the bottom line, the obama campaign spokesman had a conference call reacting to governor romney's speech. he flatly said, bring it on. that was the direct quote. they feel like the president has a strong foreign policy record.
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they think if mitt romney wants to fight the election out on national security instead of the economy, they are willing to wage that battle. >> four years ago i told you i would end the war in iraq. we did. i said i would end the war in afghanistan. we are. i said we would focus on the people who actually attacked us on 9/11. today, osama bin laden is no more. >>reporter: interesting it was four years ago that then young senator obama was facing the same questions governor romney is now about whether he had a fitness to be commander in chief. he was facing the questions not just from republicans in 2008 but from democrats and his own v.p. nominee biden who said before the 2008 election, at some point, he will be tested as a young commander in chief. they believe inside the white house he has passed that test.
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>>shepard: the attack on the consequence last left the president on the defensive. >> in doubt there is a vulnerability for the president on foreign policy because of what happened in benghazi. that is why mitt romney sees an opening. and our latest polling this month, it shows on the question of who do you trust more to handle foreign policy, the president is leading 52 percent to 41 percent. it was higher for him in september, at 54 percent trusting him more in september. a little bit of a shift in october. the bottom line, again, they feel confident in chicago and the campaign headquarters there, they believe the president has the edge over mitt romney although it has dipped. >>shepard: thank you from the campaign trail. >> political analysts for both sides joining us. the republican campaign consultant is here along with young democrats of america executive director here.
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thank you, both. >> there is a lot to make of this. romney has come in with a couple of different policies. each foreign policy is different. this is the seventh time he has spoken. the president is very strong on foreign policy. i spent the past couple of years working with members of the military and veterans. they believe that the first priority is to keep america safe. we believe that president obama has a tested track record. >>shepard: the narrative is he wants to cut the defense budget, however you shake it out, what is the narrative. and people are buying it. >> we had an ambassador and three americans killed in our consulate. to a certain extent we do not have an explanation, very little outrage, we have seen the american flag burned by the militant and that does not show strength. as important, after the debate, the president looked weak on
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everything so showing he has strength on the front opposed to just the economic front which the president is weak on, that is a good issue. >>shepard: they thought they could turn it around but this is spreading. the thing that he seemed to have going for him was, he had a like ability thing. is that fading? are democrats concerned about it? >> i don't think likability is fading. we have had four years of him as president, two years running before that. we know he is someone who shares the value of the american people. it was up to mitt romney to define himself in this debate. he had not done so. he defined himself as kind of an aggressive jerk. >>shepard: mitt romney? >>guest: he was cutting off the moderator, he would not let the president speak. he defined himself that way. >> i didn't think the president was gagged. the president had an opportunity to speak. the president allowed romney
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himself to become an acceptable alternative after spending hundreds of millions beating up romney, 67 million saw a guy who came out was very strong and made the case for himself and against the president. the president looked very weak. >>shepard: part of the strategy was, you may not all like me, even some in the base. obviously i didn't do everything i said but there is no one else so it is my way or the highway. now, ed is suggesting there is an acceptable alternate, at least for that group in the middle. >>guest: i think the president is running on his record, particularly adds we look to foreign policy today, they are right. younger people have lived in the world where all we know is being in two wars we did not know how to get out of. the presidentnded one and we are ending the other. we found the person who we have understand to be the enemy. the president found him and killed him.
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>> the navy seals found him and they have been looking for him for a long-term. you can't take credit away from the president for the decision but don't diminish the role of the military that did the work. the critical thing is the economy. it will not be about foreign affairs and it is about leadership. the last month, the president for the first time is vulnerable on leadership. the polls are relevant. polls are moving by the moment toward the romney campaign. >>shepard: one thing, joblessness is sort of a thing that is an extract concept unless you are jobless. then there are the gas prices. they are not abstract. gas prices are, right now, jonathan hunt, you have been watching this. gas prices are a mover. >> they are over $5 in california. >>shepard: wait until you see where they are $6. that is coming in a minute. thank you, jonathan. venezuela's anti-american
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president, he won, you heard, chavez has won another term. this time he didn't have too much of an easy go. what it means for the united statess' standing in latin america. i mentioned gas prices. some parts of california have hit the $5 a gallon mark. they wish it were still $5. see that right there at $5.81.
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dictator in the mid-10000's. thousands commanded "viva chavez." a long time american critic won by a ten-point margin compared by 27 points in 2006 when he was accuses using the oil wells to finance the campaign and looking up votes from the poor through generous welfare reform. and now the news from our south florida newsroom. it sound like this could have been much closer but not so much. >>reporter: well, people thought it would be a close call. some of them calling it for the opposition leader. in the end, chavez won by ten points, 27 last time around. that marks quite a turn around for chavez. for the past year he has battled cancer and he has had three operations and chemotherapy. six months ago he was in a church, crying, asking the lord for more time. the recent weeks, though, he has been dancing in public, giving
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speaking tours around the country, and speaking for hours in the rain. a remarkable physical turn around for a many people thought was on his death bed six months ago. >>shepard: thank you, steve, from south florida. >> the convicted killer van der sloot got a woman pregnant behind the wars in peru. the suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway got her pregnant during an unsupervised visit. he is serving 28 year prison sentence in peru for robbing and murdering another young woman. he is still the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway in 2005 how he had an unsupervised visit with a woman during a 28 year term for murder is the question we cannot yet ask but we are working on it. california's governor is taking emergency measures after gas prices hit another record high
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up 16 cents in one night. wow! prices topped $5 a common in many places and that is just for regular unleaded. the governor ordered pollution regulators to let stations sell winter grade gas which is cheaper. according to aaa the stayed wide average is $4.67 a gallon, close to a dollar more than the national average of $3.81 it is up 50 cents in the last week. analysts blame problems at refineries across california. a problem include this one which we report add fire at a plant over the summer which shut down production. the doctors tracking the deadly meningitis outbreak are finding more cases each day and are asking how big will the outbreak get? and a rockest launch that could
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change the way we explore space, did you hear about that? did you get a google alert on this? find out what is on board this thing and why this is such an important milestone, a new era of space travel just ahead.
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>>shepard: a very big jump in confirmed cases of deadly meningitis strain that is linked to tainted steroid injection for back pain. federal health officials say the number of infections has reached 105. they report another death bringing the total now to eight. the number of cases spiked by 27 yesterday alone. so far, it has shown up in nine states. but clinics in nearly every state received the tainted shots. officials say victims got shocks
12:22 pm
between july and september with symptoms showing up in one to four weeks causing only mild symptoms in the beginning such as headache, fever, dizziness and confusion. jonathan is in atlanta which is home to the centers for disease control. jonathan, what do the doctors say about the spike from yesterday? >>jonathan: it is because this particular form of meningitis has a longing cue base -- long incubation period, it can take up to four weeks before you have the symptoms. the potentially contaminated medication was recalled september 26, many of the patients may not know it until mid-to-late october. >>shepard: where is the outbreak hitting the hardest? >>jonathan: for now, mostly in the east. we are talking about some of the states that received shipments this medication. right now, the centers for disease control is confirming a total of 105 cases in nine states and a total of eight
12:23 pm
deaths reported in four states: michigan, tennessee, maryland, and virginia. the steroid was shipped to medical practices in 23 states. it is entirely possible that we will see some additional states added to the map as we go further in the month. >>shepard: and now our doctor from the colombia medical center. i understand the jury is out on whether this back treatment even works. leaving that aside, what are the chances you will get the infection? >>guest: this is the problem. they released 18,000 contaminate ed vials that have gone to 75 medical facilities in 23 states. we don't know how many patients have received the steroid injections. there could be still, contaminated vials on the shelves and offices. we do not know how many have
12:24 pm
received contaminated injections where they have symptoms of the disease but yet to be reported. it is unknown how many more cases will still come out. >>shepard: i understand that the facilities which receive the shots know who they are and they have contacted their patients. >>guest: that is right. the centers for disease control website lists which facilities received the contaminated vials. if you are not sure if you have been affected or if you have received a spinal steroid injection, go back to the doctor that gave you the injection and ask them whether that vial came from the manufacturer at fault. >>shepard: this used to treat back pain moldly in older people. when surgery could be an alternate, and it is unproven. >>guest: it is not just old people but anyone who has back pain, potentially may have had the injection which uses a steroid injection that is
12:25 pm
injected into the spinal fluid and dumped down the inthatmation. but if that void is contaminated with fungus and it is injected directly into the spinal fluid, that can travel up to the linings of the brain which the protective lining is then infected. that is how you get meningitis. >>shepard: i understand they are not positive how many of the doses actually have the fudge us because it is the fungus that is the problem. >>guest: the fungus has gotten into the contaminated vials and we do not know if it is the glass or something to do with the way the vials have been stored. the problem is not the procedure but the actual steroid that is in the contaminateed vials. >>shepard: if you had one of the shots, you ought to call someone and if you have not had an injection there is no problem. >>guest: absolutely. and for pregnant women, injections during child birth,
12:26 pm
this is not related. they do not include void injections. >>shepard: that is comforting. israel shot a drone out of the sky and a member of the parliament says it belonged to hezbollah. what iran is saying about this and our next guest says this situation will "get hairy in a hurry." a family went to a wedding celebration now planning for a funeral after two wedding parties got into a massive brawl. the cops became involved. of course, there is videotape. or video. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the israeli air force reports they shut down a drone over the weekend. see that? we will show it again. it crossed into israeli airspace and now a senior official in iran is claiming that israel's iron dome anti-missle defense system doesn't work. it is important to note that the iron dome system is designed to shoot down missiles not low-flying aircraft. the system intercepted 80 percent of the missiles targeted there and that happened back when the lebanese based militant group, hezbollah, launched hundreds of rockets in israel in
12:31 pm
2006. the top story at the bottom the hour and jonathan hunt is on it. what is the word on where this drone actually originated? >>jonathan: nothing definitive at this point but israeli officials are pointing the figure at hezbollah which is lebanon-based. they believe the drone probably took off south of sidn on the coast and flew over the mediterranean, came into israel, went across the gaza strip and headed to the desert in southern israel. that is when they shot it down. worth noting, israel is believed to have a major nuclear facility if that part of the desert. the drone could have been on the way to gather information. a lot of experts say that, in fact, is where israel keeps many of their nuclear weapons. israel, of course, has ever
12:32 pm
confirmed or denied they have nuclear weapons. >>shepard: have we heard from the iranians on this matter? >>jonathan: obviously, hezbollah is very closely aligned to iran. iran is saying, today, they believe this incident shows that israel is armed up. iran is close to hezbollah. interesting to remember, as well, iran got hold of a u.s. drone back in april. they said they were going to build a drone modeled on that. according to some experts, this drone that flew over israel was markedly similar to that u.s. design. the israelis by the way probably shot it down over land rather than over the mediterranean sea so they could take a closer look at it.
12:33 pm
we are likely to know exactly the providence on that drone soon. >>shepard: providence, okay. now we have mike barrett, from diligent consulting firm. >>guest: what is important you can trace the evolution of technology. what we saw five or 10 years ago was dumb rockets, not targeted, you just fire. lately we have seen g.p.s. guided. there is concern over using google maps to increase the tar getting. now we are seeing drones come into play. as i said, this is going to get worse quickly because the technology is evolving very quickly. >>shepard: this is starting to feel like a cat and miscellaneous -- cat and mouse game. >>guest: it is. we had prime minister binyamin
12:34 pm
netanyahu go to the u.n. and he made his case at the u.n. for not letting this happen, his case to the global community and now we see iran, whether they are trying to assert how close israel might be to a strike or picking out targets they may want to hit in retaliation, but one thing that is important for people to realize, drones can be used for surveillance but they can be used to deliver weapons. there is a reason that israelis have gas masks that are handed out to the citizens. this is a real concern about that and we know syria has chemical weapons available. therefore it is likely they could end up in iranians hands and end up with hezbollah. >>shepard: the bigger concern going on what is -- going on in syria, that could throw things off. >>guest: certainly a ways that the iranian would like to divert attention about being the west against iran, is to make it islam against the little satan and the great satan, israel and
12:35 pm
the united states and turn this into a religious conflict globally. that is something we have to keep an eye on. >>shepard: a privately owned cargo ship rocketed into orbit. we cannot launch things as a government anymore but this is a private thing, and it was right here. watch this. >> three, two, one. lit -- lift off. >>shepard: lift off. spacex is carrying supplies to the international space station, the first official commercial flight to the international space station, part of a $1.6 billion contract with nasa. with the shuts retire, spacex aims to fill the void. they are not the only ones. they want to carry the astronauts back-and-forth
12:36 pm
transportation into space. now the astronauts rely on the russians to get us to and from the space station. this is important for those who do not follow trace, this is important because why, trace? >>trace: it goes round trip. that is important because you have the friend and the japanese and the russian cargo capsules. they only go one way because they burn on re-entry. this capsule will take 880 pounds of supplies up to the international space station. we are talking about food and scientific experiments, brag new equipment. then it is able to bring back some 1,600 pounds of different supplies and garbage and, most importantly, all scientific experiments. remember, since the space shuttle stopped going up we have not brought anything back. this is key. here is former astronaut tom jones. >> this capsule's return capacity is very important for making the bet of the science research we can get on the space
12:37 pm
station. you have to bring in many cases samples, biological and pharmaceutical and material science experiments, they have to return samples to earth. >>trace: it will dock with the international space station on wednesday, stay there for three weeks and it before splashing de pacific ocean. >>shepard: there have been glitches? >>trace: the rocket which carries the capsule into space, it lost an engine on ascent and they had to rely on the other eight engines to get in orbit. nasa is very precise and will certainly want a full account from spacex about what happened. that could delay their next launch which is scheduled for january. spacex says the rockets are designed to be able to lose an engine and keep going. also, glitches happen. >> we will continue to always improve. we will learn from our flights and continue to improve the vehicle. given that we are looking toward
12:38 pm
flying crew on the vehicles, we want to make sure we address any and all items that we find and learn about it so we can make it more reliable. >>trace: spacex and boeing and another company are trying to build the next generation of space shift that will bring astronauts to the international space station by 2017. >>shepard: 2017? >>trace: yes, 2017. >>shepard: it is playoffs. you saw the yankees won. >>trace: congratulations to you and the yankees. >>shepard: we worked late. >> trace, thank you. after a decade in existence, gaping homes are still showing up in t.s.a. procedures. really? that is hard to imagine, isn't it, that the t.s.a. is not perfect. the latest, a report that shows agents were doing only a
12:39 pm
fraction of the searches correctly.
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>>shepard: chinese telecommunication companies looking to expand their businesses and it is said they pose a threat to our national country after a year long investigation that is stated in a report to congress. the primary concern is that the telecommunications companies could be spying and are connected to the chinese government. i watched that story and i thought, well, this doesn't sound good at all. >>reporter: here is what the investigators found. they pointed first at the chinese record attacking intellectual property theft costing billions for u.s. businesses but they were willing to work with companies if they
12:43 pm
could get assurance of the plans. a maryland democrat says the investigators got the run around, instead. >> we were disappointed by the incomplete contradictions and evasive responses we received by the two companies through the investigation. >>reporter: the investigation was sparked by concerns from the intelligence community and employees in the companies who actually came forward. >>shepard: the companies are responding with, what, overwhelming silence? >>reporter: one of the companies has spoken out. here is what we got from a spokesman for one of the companies. they told fox and i quote, "this investigation and report are nothing more than a politics exercise that is ignore technical and cultural realities and look forward to leaving this political distraction behind to work with rationale industry and governor stakeholders." that is their take. >>shepard: what happens now? >>reporter: lawmakers are united in the message urging
12:44 pm
public and private entities here in the united states not to do business with the companies. here is the chairman of the house intelligence committee, republican rogers. >> you look at what is at stake, what information is at stake, what critical infrastructure we would open up to the very threat of both cyber espionage and potential cyber attack, if our adversary so desired, we can come to no other conclusion. >> the former f.b.i. agent says there were several instances of politically criminal activity uncovered during the investigation including a major bribery case that will be turned over to the f.b.i. tomorrow. >>shepard: thank you, shannon. there a new internal report out that shows the transportation security administration failed to follow basic security roars in newark. according to the report from
12:45 pm
t.s.a., they were executing standard patdowns only 17 percent of the time. this follows a different report from abc that said that t.s.a. hired a former catholic least in philadelphia after the church booted him on accusations he sexually abused young girls. now an aviation analyst and retired captain. thank you, captain. anyone who fly as lot cannot be overly surprised that everything is not going perfectly with thousands standing around, or the t.s.a. >>guest: no. i have said all along and i have said many times the security today at the airports is for better than september 10, 2001. the people are inadequately trained. the people are not given the proper equipment. because of this, there is a big problem with security. they need to fix it.
12:46 pm
>>shepard: you talk to people would fly a lot, those who are in the position where we fly a lot, we know this. but people who don't, they get mad at you as if you are saying bad things about good people. it is the system. why understand why there is not a hue and cry about this. this is how they got to us now we still pay no attention. >>guest: it is a shame. what we have is a big bloated bureaucracy that wasn't supposed to be this big. when you get a bureaucracy like this, it is hard or impossible to control. bottom line, you have a bureaucracy that doesn't work. until they fix it, the security is going to be nothing but when dressing. in reality, we don't have any security. >>shepard: is there going to come a time when it is standardized? when they take your i.d. or your iphone, your ticket every
12:47 pm
one of those people has a different procedure, city to city, counter to counter, airport to airport, it is always different. >>guest: that is the problem. there is no standardization. they neat to make sure that everyone follows procedures and if they do that, they can cut back on the bureaucracy. we don't profile. until we profile, we will not have good security. they profile on israel, they profile all over europe. we say "profile," everyone runs for cover. it has nothing to do with anything but certain expressions you may have in your face, the fact you are sweating, the fact your hands are shaking, people that are trained to look for these things pick up the problems before they get through security. it would make it more efficient. the politicians do not want to do this. >>shepard: standardization and efficiency works perfectly at
12:48 pm
mcdonald's. that works perfectly at mcdonald's. but the idea that you have to look at people and try to figure out what it is they are thinking and their motivations, not color of skin or height or age but actions and reactions. before 9/11 we had contact and that is what they have cut out. >>guest: it is a shame. it works very well. the problem is you have all these people, they are not paid very well, they are bored with the system. in some cases people do not get searched. i personally saw in boston one time, i saw t.s.a. people try to steal money out of my wallet and there was nothing i could do. i wrote letters, i called people, and i could not do anything about it. we need trained people who are paid adequately and standardized procedure.
12:49 pm
>>shepard: they will care when another airplane crashes into the world trade center. few to see you. thank you. >> an open bar often makes for a wild wedding reception. sometimes bars can be a good thing for a weather. i have never seen anything like what you are about to see. this is not fair. this is a wedding with booze but i have never seen nothing like this. it doesn't matter. we will talk to the teen who caught this on camera. it is like a freak show. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
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call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: a booze fueled brawl broke out in two different
12:53 pm
wedding parties after they crossed paths at a hotel where a guest caught it on camera. here it is. up to 100 people were pushing and punching. the cops tried to attempt it back. investigators say someone died of aheart attack during the fight reportedly an uncle of one of the brights. in word on whether the chaos sparked the heart attack. cops say the two wedding parties were holding receptions at hotel at the same time. we don't know what got them fighting but alcohol was involved. at one point, one of the brides is mixed up in this and it could be hard to see but listen for the person holding the camera's reaction. [bleep] >> that is the bride. >> they decked the bride?
12:54 pm
they decked the halls. here comes the bride. cops tasered one person. made three arrests. and now the teen who recorded the whole thing, they decked the bride? right? >>guest: they did. >>shepard: were you a guest at this wedding? >>guest: no, no, i wasn't part, i wasn't invited to the wedding. >>shepard: you were there to take pictures or for other reasons? >>guest: actually i wasn't even involved with the wedding i just happened to be, my parents took me to philadelphia, it was my birthday, this weekend. i was just there. >>shepard: so, there you are at this hotel, or whatever, and you hear something or what? >>guest: yes, actually, like i said my parents were nice enough to take me on a surprise trip to philadelphia and we stayed overnight but when we came back to the hotel after our day on
12:55 pm
the city, we went back to our room and my family went to sleep at 11:00 and i am a night person so i stayed awake in the room and i stayed awake in the room and i was listening to the party, we could hear the wedding party. >>shepard: you were listening to the wedding party. >>guest: that right. i didn't know there were two. we were listening to them. >>shepard: what were you >>guest: at first it was just, you know, normal party sounds. yelling. sounded like people having a good time but about 1:45 a.m. >>shepard: you should have been in bed. >> i was listening to the people and there were shouts that started sounding more angry. >>shepard: what were you hearing them say? >>guest: well, i didn't hear anything specific things it sounded like people panicking
12:56 pm
and yelling and i decided manage is going on out there so i got up and i woke up my mother and i said something major is going on we should go watch, she said, okay, we got our shoes on and we went out in the hall and that is an atrium thing where the hallway overlooks the lobby and --. >>shepard: sorry, i got to go, my bedtime, see? good luck. now max will never get married and it is your fault.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>>shepard: a record setting night for the n, with new orleans quaterback drew brees passing for a touchdown, breaking a record of johnny unitas from half a century ago on a 40-yard pass against the chargers for the


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